Private Services List and Fees

Please review our list of Non NHS work that we offer at the practice, which attract a fee. This includes certificates, forms, medical examinations and various travel vaccinations.

List of commonly requested chargeable services at Chiswick Health Practice

Letter / Form / ServiceCOST
Private Sick Note£40.00
Private medical insurance claim formSimple £40 / complex £70
Holiday cancellation claim form£40.00
Holiday insurance repatriation form (complex)£70.00
Fitness To Travel documents – fitness to attend School Summer Camp etc.£40.00
Fitness to fly£40.00
As above with medical£120.00
Simple “To Whom It May Concern” Letters, eg. Fitness to attend state school, university, exam, take part in shows etc: simple letter with only one line or short paragraph.£40.00  
As above but requires more information£35.00
Complex Medical Letters, eg. covering more than one medical issue or complex problem & requiring multiple paragraphs and or pages etc. Practice to confirm cost prior to completion  £120
Letters or forms for; Weight Watchers / Slimming World / Lighter Life£40.00
Fitness to compete – Cycle race, Marathon, etc – no exam needed£40.00
Fitness to compete – Cycle race, Marathon, etc – if exam required£75.00
Medical exam for Pensions, Adoption, etc£120.00
Driver fitness report (PSG/HGV/Taxi etc) Exam & Report£120.00
Pre-employment medical exam & report£150.00
International certificate of vaccination£40.00
Disabled Blue Badge Scheme  Paid by local authority
Cremation Forms£82.00