Online Services

Online Services

Connect to your GP services online and save time. Quick, easy and secure.

If you are registered with our GP surgery, you can access some health services online. This means you can do some tasks when it is better for you and avoid telephoning the practice. 

Non-urgent advice: Did you know an NHS login is really useful?

We recommend that all patients wanting to use online services set up their NHS login.  You can use this login to access your NHS account either via the NHS app on your smartphone or tablet or through the NHS website.  You can also use this login to access other GP online services used in Hounslow. 

Find out more about how to set up your NHS login on the NHS website:

What can you do with your NHS account?

Access to your NHS account helps you carry out important tasks. You can:

  • order repeat prescriptions
  • book appointments
  • view your health record
  • see test results
  • register your organ donation decision
  • view your NHS number

Through your NHS account you can also access some other services.  For example, Patient Knows Best and e-Referral (see below).

GP online services used in Hounslow

SystmOnline and Airmid

SystmOnline is what patients see when they log in to their GP’s online services directly. It is the part of the local clinical system that patients can access. It offers some of the same services as the NHS account and app, plus some additional options if your GP has chosen them.  Airmid is the app version of SystmOnline and, like the NHS app, you can download it on your smartphone or tablet.

Which online service or smartphone app is best for you?

Do you need both an NHS account and the NHS app and Systmonline and the Airmid app?

Here are lists regarding Airmid and SystmOnline of a few points that might help you decide.


  • Through the NHS app you can do common tasks like order repeat prescriptions, book appointments and view your health record.
  • The NHS app also allows you to access some of the additional national or local online services directly.  This means you don’t need to log in to a separate website.
  • So, if you want to use an online service like Patient Knows Best, you may find it more convenient via the NHS app.

Read more about what you can access via the NHS App.

Airmid App

  • The Airmid app is provided by TPP which is the same company as our clinical system SystmOne, and patient access SystmOnline. This means that there are some extra tools you may be able to access, depending on your GP surgery’s take up of the services.
  • You may be able to complete a video consultation with your GP surgery team, connect some wearable health devices and record important readings straight into your medical record.
  • Your GP surgery can also send you personal health surveys to complete on the app.  These can help them understand if they need to speak to you about existing or potential health conditions.

Having trouble with Airmid?

Read more about what you can access via the Airmid App.


You can use PATCHS to contact your GP surgery online, usually during surgery hours.  Answer a few simple questions and PATCHS can get you the help you need, either by providing relevant information or by sending a request to your GP surgery, which will respond in surgery working hours.

You can use PATCHS through the GP surgery website or download the PATCHS app.

PATCHS should not be used in an emergency.    

Find out more about PATCHS

Patient Knows Best (aka Care Information Exchange)

The Care Information Exchange helps ensure that health and care professionals and the patient have access to more complete information in order to provide better care. It will enable you to see and exchange information with your health and care professionals.

You can access Patient Knows Best through your NHS account/ NHS app.

Find out more about Patient Knows Best (Care Information Exchange)

e-Referral Service

For some specialist referrals, you can book your appointment yourself online or through the NHS app.  To book you will need the booking reference and access code issued by your GP when you were referred and then you can visit

The e-Referral service is not available for all specialist referrals.

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